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LIVE Enterprise Developer Webcast Series: New BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and Expanded Platform for Developers

Join us as we explore features of the new SDK release and share an overview of the exciting new expanded BlackBerry Platform for Developers. Also, we will cover a quick recap of our recent Developer Summit event in NYC, a code demo, and some of the new branding changes for BlackBerry.

Webcast topics we will explore:

  • New features of the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
  • New Expanded BlackBerry Development Platform
  • Summary of the Developer Summit

New BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and Expanded Platform for Developers

DATE: December 15, 2016
TIME: 11:00am ET

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Unveiling a Comprehensive Mobile-Security Platform for the Enterprise of Things

Businessmen having discussion in office

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing many things, and one of those is how we do business. Gartner says there are already more than 2 billion connected sensors, trackers and other devices used by businesses to heat their buildings, manage car traffic, heal patients, ship their cargo, and more. By 2020, there will be 7.3 billion such devices inside enterprises.

So the Enterprise of Things is very real. But this network of intelligent connections and endpoints, which helps enterprises move products from sketch to scale, also needs securing, from data theft and from hacker disruption. That’s why we’re announcing today the launch of a comprehensive, foundational platform designed for the Enterprise of Things. Our new platform, which takes a mobile-native approach to security, addresses the entire enterprise from endpoint to endpoint, is cloud-enabled, and is the culmination of our innovation and major acquisitions, creating an incredible foundation that fuels our transition to a software company.

This post was originally published on Inside BlackBerry Blog.

Businesses need to confidentially and reliably transmit sensitive data between endpoints to keep people, information and goods safe. BlackBerry is uniquely qualified to address this emerging market now because of our deep experience, industry leadership and ongoing product innovation that addresses future business needs.

We’re calling the totality of this solution BlackBerry Secure. Grounded in our mobile software security platform, it enables us to help companies manage and secure their mobile devices and connected things, while securing communications for all messages and file types. For us, this will open up new markets and new customers, for whom multiple endpoint mobile security management and applications are critical. For example, our platform will help to prevent hackers from penetrating devices and computers, provide intelligence for secure supply chain communications, ensure patient confidentiality in healthcare and safeguard assets in the financial industry.

Various symbols and tablet devices

Enterprises will save money today as our platform lets IT administrators leverage their current investments, as well as provide them unified endpoint management (UEM) across all devices, apps, users, policies and operating systems, including Android for Work, Samsung KNOX, iOS, Windows 10, MacOS and BlackBerry 10), as well help replace expensive VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) platforms. It is also flexible and secure enough to accommodate employees, contractors and business partners with a BYOT (Bring Your Own Thing) policy so that they can have secure access to corporate networks and data without a VPN, as well as a consistent experience no matter what device they carry.

Meanwhile, our enterprise customers’ investments are protected. Our foundational platform is not only compatible with our current products, but is also ‘future-proofed’ to address upcoming capabilities in messaging and analytics. It will also be compatible with future applications from developers, popular third-party cloud systems, and applications like Microsoft Office 365.

In addition to holding more than 80 security certifications, BlackBerry recently ranked the highest in all six use cases of Gartner’s “Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management” report. Our security heritage is leading to an enhanced product line. BlackBerry UEM (formerly BES12) provides the granular control and visibility that IT administrators need to secure all endpoints, along with the flexibility to support a wide array of productivity and other business use cases. BlackBerry Dynamics (formerly Good Dynamics), delivers a foundation for secure enterprise mobility by offering an advanced, mature development platform and container for mobile apps that prevents data leakage. BlackBerry Workspaces, formerly WatchDox, lets workers share, edit and control their files on every device with the highest level of security due to embedded digital rights management (DRM) protection in the files.

Businessman using smartwatch.BlackBerry 2FA, formerly Strong Authentication, lets workers replace the cost and hassle of a physical token and typing in codes by simply acknowledging a prompt on their secured mobile device. BlackBerry Enterprise Identity also smooths user logins by enabling Single Sign-on (SSO) into a variety of third-party cloud services such as Office365, Box, Dropbox, Workday and Salesforce, as well as the convenience of Mobile Zero Sign-on (MZSO), where simply unlocking the phone grants you access to services without needing to type in a password.

Developers can integrate any of the aforementioned BlackBerry services into their apps via a Platform-as-a-Service model. Our enterprise app and channel ecosystem continues to grow, with an expanding roster of partners such as Zimperium, Polaris, Swyft,  Acronis and ISEC7. Finally, we’re launching a new portfolio of business-class applications of our own that are tailored for the mobile-first office. These will be available in January, and will enable today’s workers to reach new heights in productivity.

Customers currently using Good Secure EMM Suites including BES12 and WatchDox can seamlessly upgrade to their tailored BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite. Core components of the enhanced and renewed software portfolio will be rolled out in a phased approach over the coming weeks. The apps – Access, Connect, Notes, Share, and Tasks – will be the final step, released in January 2017.

Contact your support representative for more details.

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Say Hello to Our Second Developer Hero – Michal Jerz, AKA Burning Platform!

In June, we kicked off the Developer Hero Program to reward our awesome development community. We saw hundreds of apps submitted to BlackBerry World in a very short time. From those apps, we chose four winnersyou’ve already met Adam Radwon, the first.

burning-platform-developer-hero-photoToday, you’ll meet the second – Michael Jerz also known as Burning Platform. His app, Headless ScreenCorder, was created as a resource-light alternative to other screen recording apps on BlackBerry World. It allows users to start recording their screen in an instant.

Here’s what Michel had to say:

How long have you been developing apps on the BlackBerry 10 platform?

Since early 2013 when I bought the Z10, but I’ve been developing on QT-based platforms (of which BlackBerry is one) for decades.

What attracted you to the platform?

It was a natural choice for me after Symbian and MeeGo were discontinued. Honestly, I wish it came out a year earlier, as there were hundreds of millions of users who were looking for something like it in 2011 and 2012. They only chose Android because they didn’t have any other option at the time.

Are there any features that stand out about our OS?

It’s among the most intuitive platforms I’ve ever developed for, and one of the most enjoyable and inspiring.  It’s stable, secure, and intuitive; I can’t imagine having to switch to any other OS any time soon. I enjoy it both as an ordinary user and as a developer – no other platform gives such flexibility. No other major platform would have allowed me to port my Symbian apps over with such ease, and no other platform gives me this much freedom to mix APIs.

I also value BlackBerry devices for their exceptional build quality and durability. My Z10 is four years old, but it still works fine and looks as if I bought it a month ago – and that’s after dropping it on the floor a few times. And I’d like to say again, I really love the stability and security of BlackBerry 10. The way it handles permissions is revolutionary, and it’s something other platforms are only implementing now. I also really enjoy that apps can only do what I permit them to do, and that no mobile data is used if I don’t want it to be.

Security-wise, this platform has always been unrivalled and it will remain so in the foreseeable future.

Do you currently use a BlackBerry device?

Yes, I’ve got the Passport and the Z10. My wife is the proud owner of a white Z10, too!

What kind of support have you received from BlackBerry?

I’ve received a lot of help from both the Developer Support and Marketing teams, who always do their best to resolve all problems related to app development and publishing. I owe Bryan Van Engelen a personal mention, as he’s been the most helpful support person I’ve encountered. I could always count on his assistance no matter what issue I ran into, and people like him are one of the reasons I keep developing for this platform.

The development community itself is also very helpful.

How did you first get into app development?

I needed some apps tailored to my specific needs, and figured I might as well make them myself. Once I learned how to do it, I figured I should share them with everyone!

Tell us about ScreenCorder. What inspired you to create it, and what features do you want to highlight?

headless_screencorderThere were numerous screen recording apps, but none were headless – they all required the user to launch a separate interface just to capture their screen, or to keep one running in an active frame. This wasn’t a good solution for anyone who needed to quickly record something unexpected, and I wanted an app that could start recording instantly, from any window.

That’s how I came up with ScreenCorder. It’s headless, so it runs invisibly in a service in the background, taking up virtually no resources while it’s not in use. Once the user double-presses the Volume Up button, it starts recording what’s currently on the screen – another advantage of this approach is that the app itself does not need to be visible in recorded video.

What kind of momentum have you seen on ScreenCorder?

Reception has been really positive – almost everyone who’s reviewed the app has loved it. I’ve got an update with some new features coming soon, so I expect even more people to give it a try then.

What other apps have you developed for BB10? Are there any you’d like to mention, or anything you’ve got in the works right now?

I’ve developed around fifteen apps for BlackBerry 10. The most popular is EasyStreetView, a Google Street View client with a split map/panorama view and simultaneous control. Other popular apps I’ve developed include:

  • MoonCalc: a moon tracking tool that provides a wealth of real-time calculated data like phases, eclipses, super moons, perigees and apogees, and so on.
  • Headless Torch: A headless service that allows you to instantly user your phone as a flashlight, even when it’s locked or holstered.

I am currently working on a few more apps, including some specifically made for the Passport. The goal is to have them fully polished and ready for release before Christmas.

What’s the greatest moment you’ve had with BlackBerry?

Through BlackBerry, I recently received the Passport! I’d dreamed about having it ever since it was released, but I also needed it to test my new apps on it. unboxing was probably the most enjoyable experience of all, and the only thing I can compare it to was when I touched the Z10 for the first time back in early 2013.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Please keep this great platform alive!

About Michael Jerz: Aged 43, Michel Jerz has been developing since the late ‘90s, and first found his love for mobility with the Nokia Communicator, one of the world’s first smartphones. Before finding his way to the BlackBerry platform, he developed for Symbian, Maemo, and MeeGo, running one of the web’s oldest and largest communities for the latter.  Connect with Michael on his blog.

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Happy US Thanksgiving


To our friend’s South of the Border,

We hope that you are excited to give thanks for what you have this holiday. We also hope you are excited to eat a whole bunch of turkey too. Today marks a day celebrated nationwide by all Americans. It is widely believed that Thanksgiving started back in 1621 in Plymouth (modern day Massachusetts) when the pilgrims created a large feast to celebrate their successful harvest. This tradition became quite popular in Massachusetts. It then spread into New England, a few other northeastern states, and eventually to all of America. On November 26th 1789 George Washington proclaimed the first nationwide Thanksgiving celebration as a “day of public thanksgiving and prayer”. Today Thanksgiving in America is a day that brings us together and allows us to look inward and around us to realize all we have to be thankful for.  It also means big meals, big football games and plenty of time spent with friends and family.

Get yourself into the thanksgiving spirit with a few of these exciting apps

  1. Big American Football Quiz

Put your football knowledge to the test with the Big American Football Quiz. Do you really know the most about football among your friends? Prove it with over 100 professionally written questions.

  1. CookBook

Keep all your recipes in one convenient location on your phone. Now that it’s Thanksgiving it’s time to get those recipes out and get cooking. Make something new that you liked this year? Store it in the CookBook and use it again next year!

  1. Twerky Turkey

Drop it low and get that Turkey Twerkin!!! This exciting and addicting game will get you right into the thanksgiving spirit. Just tap to twerk to those funky bass beats.

  1. The Rules of American Football

So maybe you’re not ready for the Big American Football Quiz. Maybe you’re just trying to figure out why everybody in the game keeps stopping all the time and why the ref keeps through a flag in the air. Don’t worry this app will explain all the rules of this festive game to you.

  1. Thanksgiving Recipes

Are you panicking because it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner this year and you have no idea how you’re going to pull it all together? Don’t worry, check out this app to find the best mouthwatering festive recipes to keep your guests and your belly happy.

Hope you enjoy the apps! Gobble Gobble Gobble!

You can find these and other Thanksgiving apps in our BlackBerry World Collection.

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BlackBerry Developer Summit 2016: Developing feature-rich apps quickly and securely


At the Blackberry Developer Summit in Midtown Manhattan on November 17, we unveiled our expanded developer platform that reinforces — and accelerates — our software pivot. The packed event venue at Nasdaq headquarters included developers from our top customers and ISV Partners.


The event was much more than telling our developer community how great our platform is. We did that, of course, but the goal here was to literally demonstrate it through an immersive, hands-on workshop where developers were able to code and experience the platform first-hand in a practical way that went far beyond creating some typical “hello world” app. Virtually every aspect of our platform was covered in detail including tracks dedicated to subjects like secure storage and connectivity, inter-application communication, and server services.

Our platform continues to evolve to be more than mobile management and collaboration, it enables true business transformation. Our partners and developers onsite were excited

to hear about our software roadmap and how they can leverage it. Our product leadership team touched on the power of the expanding secure end-to-end mobile application platform, which helps our customers significantly grow their business capabilities.

Naturally, a large amount of energy drinks, cookies and other great food kept the developers happy and energized throughout the day, as they learned how to make our platform do what they want and spent high-quality time with some of the best engineering minds in the business.


This is just the beginning!  Much of the content used at the summit will be integrated into our developer program where aim to engage and make it available for all our developers to leverage our secure, flexible platform. Make sure you register for the Developer Program / Enterprise Apps Newsletter to get the latest updates at

Here is a picture of our team of BlackBerry experts present on this fantastic day. It was a fun and truly engaging experience!

We hope to see everyone from our developer community out for our next event. Stay tuned… we’re sure it’s going to be even bigger and better!


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Black Friday Shopping on BlackBerry 10 with Amazon


You know how it goes. Every year Black Friday rolls around, November ends, you blink your eye, next thing you know it’s 2 days before Christmas and you still haven’t purchased all your gifts. This year you can stay ahead of the game, and save money, by doing all your Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

I know what you’re thinking… going to the mall on Black Friday? It’s insanity! We all know how crazy the stores are during Black Friday. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the same amazing deals laying on your couch, all cozy in your house, instead of frantically rushing through the mall? Good news. You can! Just sign in to the Amazon Shopping app on your BlackBerry 10 device (running 10.3.2 or higher) to gain access to all the deals. Amazon Shopping is available for all new and existing members in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Brazil.

Using Amazon’s gift guide you can find anything for anybody’s Christmas list. You may even come across a great idea to get that person that “doesn’t know what they want”. Amazon Shopping has everything from electronics, home and cookware to the latest in fashion and the greatest toys. Be sure to check out Amazon’s Black Friday deals on November 24th, as well as the daily deals counting down to Black Friday, for massive savings on everything from sewing machines to toys and games to poo-pouri.

Happy shopping!

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Our First Developer Hero! Q&A with Adam Radwon, Founder of Rad Systems Development

In June, we announced an initiative known as the Developer Hero Program, in an effort to reward our amazing, dedicated development community. From June 2 to July 28, 2016, we saw hundreds of new applications submitted. From those apps, we chose four winners.

rad-guitarToday, we speak with one of those winners. Adam Radwon is founder of Rad Systems and developer of App Manager for BlackBerry 10 (along with several other popular apps, including Profile Manager). Created to give users greater control over and better access to the apps on their device, App Manager includes a number of features designed to make your device more efficient, including notification control, advanced shortcuts, password protection, and built-in backup functionality.

Here’s what Adam had to say:

How long have you been developing apps on the BlackBerry 10 platform?

I started developing for BlackBerry in 2012, after signing up for the BlackBerry 10 Jam event in London.

What attracted you to the platform?

I’d read about this initiative by BlackBerry (or RIM as they were known back then) to hold these World Tour Jam events in the lead up to releasing BlackBerry 10. Not only were the events free to attend but developers could also receive an actual (Dev Alpha) device prototype to develop and test on. I attended, tried the platform out, and was hooked.

Are there any features that stand out about our OS?

The main one for me is the awesome peek and flow navigation that BlackBerry 10 uses. It’s so fast, easy and intuitive that using a different OS feels kind of clunky now! The Hub is a great integral feature, as well as the notification system, especially when coupled with the instant previews. Also that it can run Android apps is a huge bonus too!

Do you currently use a BlackBerry device?

I do. My main personal device is still the Red Developer Limited Edition Z10. I’ve used other BlackBerry 10 devices but I really like the size of the Z10 so I’ve stuck with it! Plus, it forces me to ensure my apps run just as well on first generation BlackBerry 10 devices as they do on the later ones!

What kind of support have you received from BlackBerry?

The Jam World Tour events and Dev Alpha device giveaways that I mentioned really helped in getting started. Also the online Port-A-Thon events in the early days were fantastic for pulling all-nighters and getting the first version of apps out the door. The forums and documentation have been a great help too, as well as the developer relations and support people I’ve had contact with.

How did you first get into app development?

I actually started in the early days of mobile with a few side-projects using J2ME for feature phones. Unfortunately, I missed a good early opportunity to move on to the first smartphones, including BlackBerry’s Java platform.

After that, I shifted to web development before eventually moving back into mobile app development with Android and BlackBerry 10.

Tell us about App Manager. What inspired you to create it, and what features would you like to highlight?

app-managerApp Manager is something I wanted to create for a long time. I’d actually started it a while ago, but it was put on hold because some features that I’d finished had started appearing in other recently-released apps, so I stopped working on it to concentrate on Profile Manager, another app I’d been wanting to make. But I’d always wanted to finish and release App Manager – so when the Developer Hero program was announced in June, I decided it was time to finally do so.

Some features I find myself using constantly include:

  • Quick Launch, which lets me access my most-used apps with just a tap.
  • Applications List, which helps me find apps I want easily.
  • Kiosk Mode, which allows someone else to use a specific app on my phone and only that app.
  • Startup App Control, which lets me set a few apps to run automatically when I reboot my phone.

Where has App Managers seen the greatest success?

Checking the stats, App Manager seems to be most popular in North America and with BlackBerry Passport users, but it has been designed for all BlackBerry 10 devices and translated into other languages too, so it’s an app that everyone can benefit from.

What other apps have you developed for BB10? Are there any you’d like to mention, or anything you’ve got in the works right now?

What’s the greatest moment you’ve had with BlackBerry?

There have been a bunch of great milestones since I started, from receiving that first Dev Alpha device to releasing my first app (Charger Alert) for BlackBerry, to getting featured on BlackBerry World, and of course to ultimately winning the Developer Hero program. That was an honour and a surprise.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to say thanks to BlackBerry for this opportunity, and to everyone who has helped along the way.

As a user, BlackBerry 10 has been a great operating system to use, and as a developer it has been a great platform to develop for.

About Adam Radwon, Founder of Rad Systems: Born and raised in England, Adam started programming as a hobby when he was a child, eventually moving on to attain a Computer Science degree in university.  Today, he works full-time as a professional application developer. Connect with Adam on Twitter @AdamRadwon.

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Halloween is Here

Blog post written by: Kenzie Nelligan

Boo! The decorations are up and the masks are on, Halloween is here at last.  But what exactly is Halloween? Halloween is a very old tradition, that dates back as far as 2,000 years ago. It was a celebration founded by the Celts (an area that ranged from Ireland, the UK and Northern France). What was then called “Samhain” was a day that the Celt’s believed ghosts of the dead returned to the earth. It was celebrated on November 1st and was known as the beginning of the “darker” half of the year. Around 1,000 years later the date of the event was moved back to the night of October 31st and the name of the celebration was changed from Samhain to All-hallows (meaning ‘All Saints’), which eventually became Halloween. As time moved on, more and more traditions were adopted and Halloween changed from a religious event to a festival based on fun. In 1846, Halloween became largely popular in North America when a large number of Irish immigrants brought over their modern traditions of Halloween. This included dressing up as ghosts, zombies and other creatures, as well as going door to door asking for treats in exchange for a trick or performance.

Halloween Apps

Listed below are 7 apps that are going to get you in the mood for Halloween and all those great Halloween traditions.

  1. Halloween Sounds (59982956)
    Keep trick-or-treaters on their toes with some scary Halloween sounds around the house. This app comes with 12 sound effects, which includes everything from zombies to witches to vampire sounds and provides you with 4 brilliantly terrifying sound tracks to give your house that spooky Halloween feel.


  1. Monster Island (53254889)
    Design, decorate and run your own resort full of Monsters and Monsterlings in Monster Village! Feed and breed these adorable creatures as you build up your village. It won’t be long before villains from all over the world are coming to your village to buy your monsters! Monster Island is available in BlackBerry World on BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 devices for free!


  1. Scary Themes Free (38830899)
    Halloween is a spooky time so get yourself ready for the scary scenery with some themes for your phone. This app has more than 30 themes that will appear in HD on your BlackBerry 10 device!


  1. Halloween Match (59942394)
    Here’s a fun Halloween game that your kids will love: Halloween Match is a 3-Match Game for everyone, super fun, super easy and SUPER SCARY!! Get yourself into the trick or treat mood with this game!


  1. Halloween coloring pages (59998744)
    Bring out your artsy side out on Halloween. You and your kids can choose the colouring and painting technique of your choice and get drawing on more than 70 different Halloween drawing designs!


  1. Torch Flashlight (20081174)
    Keep yourself visible and safe with the Torch Flashlight. When you’re out trick or treating it’s important to remember safety. It can be fun and spooky at night in the dark but make sure that you keep yourself safe and use the light to ensure you don’t lose any trick-or-treaters.


  1. HalloweenCam (20400453)
    HalloweenCam captures what Halloween is all about… Fun! Snap a picture of yourself with a witch hat on or see what mask would look best you. Just take a picture and the rest is up to your imagination.

Find this spooky and wonderful collection of apps and others on BlackBerry World here:

Happy Halloween!

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LIVE Enterprise Developer Webcast Series: Custom App Policies in Good Dynamics Applications


Save time and make custom apps easier to use by configuring them to specific needs out of the gate, reducing support issues, and increasing adoption rates for end users within your organization. Having an App Policy for your Good Dynamics application provides you with a graphical interface in the Good Control Console (GCC) to configure your application. Anytime the policy settings are changed, they are automatically pushed to all devices on the Good Control (GC) server with the policy assigned. Join us to learn how to create an App Policy and how to receive the App Policy settings in Good Dynamics apps.

Why Attend:

  • Learn how to create an App Policy
  • Learn how to receive App Policy settings
  • Provide Administrators with an easy way to remotely configure your application
  • Reduce Help Desk calls by configuring the application for users

Custom App Policies in Good Dynamics Applications

DATE: October 25, 2016
TIME: 11:00am ET

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Source: Developer Blackberry

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