SAP Consultants

Typically, In an average SAP consultant makes around 170 calls per day, of which 10 calls are relevant and others are irrelevant. expecting the closure from SAP consultant is on very high, ’cause we spend lots of money on recruiting and training.

Finally the pressure in high on the consultant. today as everyone knows about the ERP and its important for Upcoming GST in India. if the business development managed by following steps the success rate is on very high.

Step 1 – Before making the calls to prospective customers relax and identify the market and finalize the vertical i.e. Pharma , Manufacturing Units and so on…

Step 2 :- Time Management – I’ve very simple method of Stephen Richards Covey  Four Quadrant theory 

  1. Quadrant 1 – Urgent and Important – Problems – Don’t get into this Quadrant
  2. Quadrant 2 – Not Urgent But Important – this is your Place
  3. Quadrant 3 – Urgent but Not Important  – this is diversion to your Goal, attend and get your focus back to your goal
  4. Quadrant 4 – Not Urgent Not Important – waste of time – you can decide the definition of your precious time, what is waste of time

Once you understand this – Proceed to the with confidence and Start calling…

Step 3 – Build Your Pipeline – after the calling your prospective clients you will come up with the strong Pipeline of leads.

Step 4 : – Meet the client with homework and Solid SAP Presentation – not more than 10 Slides

Step 5 : Identify the Opportunity and pitch for the conversion to SAP account , Don’t forget to Use the CRM 🙂 all the Very Best.